Design Fabrication

Design Fabrication

Expert Commercial and Industrial HVAC Design

If your operation requires precise temperature and humidity, or if your physical space presents challenges for HVAC installation, the team at Liberty Mechanical can get the job done — and get it done right.

With experience in the latest HVAC technologies and components — such as Crac Equipment and VRF systems — we can design solutions to fit the most demanding applications possible and overcome just about any obstacle in the structure or outdoor environment.

Fabrication can be completed either on-site or in our facility by trained and experienced Liberty technicians who never compromise on quality and craftsmanship. Our HVAC systems are designed to work at optimum performance from day one and continue operating at that level for the life of the system.

Capabilities for industrial and commercial HVAC design include:

  • Air terminals
  • Phenolic duct
  • Aluminum ducts
  • Fiberglass ducts
  • Filter access panels
  • Galvanized steel ducts
  • Grilles
  • Custom Duct
  • Register boots
  • Smoke and Backdraft Dampers
  • Custom Plenums and mounting Brackets