Two Types of Precision Cooling

Several innovations and trends are coming up in the colocation industry. However, there are specific innovations that have become prevalent in this industry and are used to design the infrastructure of every data station that has already been established or is being established. Some of these state-of-the-art technologies include the CRAC and CRAH cooling systems. Continue reading Liberty Mechanical’s blog and learn more about two types of precision cooling!

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The CRAC Cooling System

The CRAC unit can be explained as a more defined and advanced air conditioner. The unit has a built-in expansion system and compressors to help support the refrigeration cycle by blowing cold air over the cooling coil. The coil is filled with the refrigerant which is always kept at a cool state with the help of compressors that are within the system itself. There are various ways to install your CRAC system. The right and common way, however, is to install it opposite the hot aisle so that it can blow cold air to cool the servers through perforations in a raised ground.

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The CRAH Cooling System

The CRAH system can be compared to chilled water air handling systems situated in most sky-high buildings. The system is such a way that it blows cold air over cooling coils full of chilled water to cool the data servers. The cool water is dispensed by machinery known as a Chilled water plant or otherwise known as a Chiller. The CRAH system is also equipped in a way that allows it to regulate the speed of the fan and keep the temperature and humidity at stable conditions.

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CRAC or CRAH? Which One Is Right For You

Now that you know the two types of data cooling systems that are widely used in the field of critical cooling for data centers, you must get one that works best for you. The CRAH system, also known as the Computer Room Air Handler is considered to be more efficient and energy-saving. Unlike the Computer Room Air Conditioning, CRAC, the CRAH cooling systems do not have built-in compressors and therefore use less energy compared to the former.

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Finding the Right Size

When installing either cooling system in your data center, you must get the right size. A size too small will cause constant thermal overruns and reboots of the system. A size that is too large on the other hand, will cause static discharges and condensation which will, in turn, affect the uptime performance of the system.

Liberty Mechanicals offers both CRAC and CRAH units in different sizes to fit the needs of your data center. Now that you know and understand types of precision cooling, you can be sure that Liberty Mechanical can help you get the right temperature and humidity control units to fit your system cooling needs. Schedule a consultation with our team today!

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