What is a Typical Maintenance Schedule for Data Center Cooling?

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As the industry of colocation continues to grow and many businesses increasingly depend on these data center facilities to store their data, these systems must be properly maintained. Even a single minute of downtime can cost a company millions of dollars and its reputation. It is fundamental that data center managers do everything in their power to ensure all round-the-clock uptime. Below are several maintenance strategies that every colocation service provider should be aware of. Read Liberty Mechanical’s blog and learn more about this important topic!

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Regular and Detailed inspection

It is the responsibility of data center managers to ensure that thorough inspection is done routinely to ensure that the system and other computing equipment are in good condition. Other key checks of generators, water temperature, plenum pressures, water levels, electrical and mechanical flow, operating equipment, and other system requirements should be done daily as they are most vital to the proper running of the system. Being up to date with these details is paramount and it shows a provider's dedication to ensure uptime performance.

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Continuous Assessment

System testing is another critical strategy that data center organizations should adhere to. Data center staff should assess specific systems and equipment to know whether they are working under the right specifications. For example, load testing and fail-over assessment are both critical to keeping the system from shutting down.

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Beforehand Maintenance

This is another crucial section in a typical support plan for a data center cooling system. This strategy enables data center managers to quickly identify any upcoming problem in the system and fix it before it turns into a serious problem. Through this, companies can avoid the loss of millions of dollars in capital as well as loss of clients' data.

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Repair and Replacement

Undoing a leak or replacing equipment is a common activity in any data center. Through regular inspections, the data center's staff can identify systems that require corrective maintenance and replace the worn-out components.

The colocation industry is evolving and managers require inclusive approaches when it comes to planning, managing, and maintaining the data center infrastructure. With the above strategies put in place, the possibility of a system failure is completely reduced. Contact Liberty Mechanical today to schedule a consultation and set up your maintenance plans!

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